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SRK flaunts six-pack look, charms Sania Mirza


SRK flaunts six-pack look, charms Sania Mirza


Mumbai: When Shah Rukh Khan decides to work his charms, there aren't many who can resist.


Despite having turned up two hours late to promote the Sunfeast Open, the superstar immediately began to work his magic - first on his co promoter tennis champ Sania Mirza.


"These people are absolutely wonderful, take pictures I'm touching her," he said.


And then, he also had a word for all the women in the room who were waiting for the superstar to arrive. "I love women. And it's true I love them the most, I love all of you, " he quipped.


When the conversation turned to sports and tennis, he let Sania take centrestage.

I can assure you one thing, as athletes and I think I speak for all of them, when we step out on the court or on the field, we are giving our hundred per cent. We are human, we cannot win everything," she said.


Shah Rukh too chipped in with his opinion here. "They are fantastic but we need to encourage them and accept that it's sports. I think we mustn't forget that sports is about winning and losing. One can't win all the time," he said.


The talk once again veered to SRK's fit new six-pack look. In his usual sporting manner, he gave a witty reply to the shirtless hype. "Now they are asking for pant-less Shah Rukh, which i am kind of thinking about," he said.


Pants off...err...hats off to that!

September 13, 2007

19.9.07 00:58


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Veronika (19.9.07 19:31)
hi se wie gehts dir also mir geht es gut
hab grad ein neues bild gemacht und ich werde es bei dir reinstellen um zu schauen ob es ja nicht zu gro oder zu klein wird also wenn es dich strt kannst du es ja lschen ok ich stell es danach bei ajami auch rein also ich werde jetzt dann lg und ksschen von mir.

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By VEERonika

Veronika (19.9.07 19:36)
versuch 2

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By VEERonika

Veronika (19.9.07 19:38)
ok das 2 nehme ich das sprengt wenigstens nicht denn Blog lol und schon bin ich weg bye

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